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Sleeping Mats for Camping -

In general, a sleeping pad guarantees not only comfort and quality sleep, but also protection from moisture and cold from the ground. Choosing a sleeping pad shouldn’t be underestimated. Here is some advice for you to know what to pay attention to when choosing a sleeping pad which will protect you from moisture and cold. Don’t give moisture and cold a chance! Even the best sleeping bag will not protect you from cold and moisture coming from the ground; without a sleeping pad, it cannot keep you warm and comfortable for a long time. There are many kinds of sleeping pads; from foam ones, which are light and compact, to self-inflating and inflatable ones, providing the best comfort, which then might be reflected in their price. Today, we want to...

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Sleeping bags for camping -

It’s not that easy to choose a good sleeping bag. You should not focus only on its pack size, weight and price, but it’s also necessary to consider your expectations, how you want to use it and what shape and insulation fill you prefer. We can help you choose – let’s go through it and check out the options. QUALITY SLEEPING BAG KEEPS YOU WARM ALL NIGHT LONG Whether you are going camping in summer, canoeing with friends or want to sleep over at a friend’s cottage in winter, you should consider three key factors: Comfort Versatility Price Comfort As for comfort, basically you have two options, either a mummy sleeping bag or a quilt sleeping bag. QUILT SLEEPING BAG If you want a really spacious sleeping bag which you can...

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Tents -

Are you planning a holiday with your kids, sightseeing and discovering the beauty of our country? Would you like to spice it up with a little adventure in the outdoors? Get a tent. The kids will love evening camping in torchlight. Take our advice about what to focus on when choosing the most suitable tent for you. Tent as your temporary home For a short period of time, the tent you’ve chosen will become your new home, i.e. bedroom, living room, kitchen and a place to store all your stuff (table, chairs, cooker, dishes or even bicycles). Let’s check basic parameters you need to consider when choosing a tent: Duration and type of your stay Tent construction Price In a campsite or in the outdoors? Basically,...

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