Are you planning a holiday with your kids, sightseeing and discovering the beauty of our country? Would you like to spice it up with a little adventure in the outdoors? Get a tent. The kids will love evening camping in torchlight. Take our advice about what to focus on when choosing the most suitable tent for you.

Tent as your temporary home

For a short period of time, the tent you’ve chosen will become your new home, i.e. bedroom, living room, kitchen and a place to store all your stuff (table, chairs, cooker, dishes or even bicycles). Let’s check basic parameters you need to consider when choosing a tent:

  • Duration and type of your stay
  • Tent construction
  • Price

In a campsite or in the outdoors?

Basically, there are two kinds of holiday with a family tent – you can spend the whole time at one place, either in a campsite or at another place where you can camp, or have rather an active holiday with all-day hikes or bike trips to discover interesting places around.

How many people are coming?

When choosing a tent, the first parameter to decide is what kind of camping holiday you prefer and how long it will last.  It’s also important to consider how big your family is and how many people the tent should be big enough for.

 If you are planning to stay at one place the whole time, you should choose a family tunnel tent with a spacious living area. On the contrary, if it is going to be just a few days‘ stay and you want to spend most of your time on trips, you can choose from smaller dome tents.

Při výběru stanu rozhoduje počet osob a další kritéria

How to choose the best tent construction

Speaking of tent constructions, we can describe them in more detail. Majority of family tents are tunnel tents; when packed, they are quite heavy (6-16 kg), however, they provide much more comfort and space, which you will appreciate during longer stays. In such a tent, you can stand up, walk around, organize your things or put your bicycles in there.


 They are in many variations – different in height, size and shape, entry from one or both sides or there might be one or two bedrooms (one can be used for storing your bikes) with a living area in the middle.




If your holiday will only take a couple of days, you can choose a dome tent. It’s more universal type of tent which you can taka when you go canoeing with friends or on a hiking trip in adverse weather conditions. Dome tents are lighter and more compact, but you always have only one bedroom and very limited storage space.



 A vestibule is a useful feature on any tent. It’s a protected area along the sides or front of a tent that provide additional storage or cooking space just outside the interior of your tent, but under a rain fly. 

Check out a great tent buyers guide by our friends at Top Notch Outdoor here tents. Also, the vestibule can be integrated into the rain fly which is then extended away from the tent to create a vestibule, on other tents a vestibule may even require a few poles. A vestibule doesn’t always have a groundsheet, but can be a great place to store dirty gear or shoes or even bicycles.

What about the price?

Another important factor is a price. It depends on technology and material of a tent and on its size. When you look at big Hannah family tents, the price differs according to their size, if you choose an inflatable tent, it’s according to technology which is used. Parameters of pegs and poles are the same.

If you want a dome tent, you can choose from many options, from tents designed for hikers and paddlers to durable tent suitable for adverse climatic conditions and ultra-light silicone-treated tents.

Hannah tents – complete offer

When you have chosen your tent, remember to check you have all important parts before every trip. If it’s your first time with the tent, you should try putting it up in advance (for example in the garden) in order not to get all confused in a campsite. Although each model has a manual and poles are marked with different colors so it’s very easy and intuitive to put it up, it’s always better to be ready then surprised.

Putting up Hannah tents „on-line“

We have made videos of our basic models so that you can take a look at them from all sides. We will show you how to put them up. Check it out to see how easy it is.

Get inspired by the latest tent in our offer - Barrack 4 Air. It’s inflatable…

Tent description - Barrack 4 Air

We wish you nice experiences and plenty of outdoor adventures.


(Source: Hannah Outdoors Corporate)


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