In general, a sleeping pad guarantees not only comfort and quality sleep, but also protection from moisture and cold from the ground. Choosing a sleeping pad shouldn’t be underestimated. Here is some advice for you to know what to pay attention to when choosing a sleeping pad which will protect you from moisture and cold.

Don’t give moisture and cold a chance!

Even the best sleeping bag will not protect you from cold and moisture coming from the ground; without a sleeping pad, it cannot keep you warm and comfortable for a long time. There are many kinds of sleeping pads; from foam ones, which are light and compact, to self-inflating and inflatable ones, providing the best comfort, which then might be reflected in their price. Today, we want to focus on self-inflating sleeping pads.

Self-inflating sleeping pads

They are very popular and perfect for family camping. They are relatively light and easy to roll up. When they are inflated, they are quite thick, which is a huge advantage. Sleeping pads by Hannah range between 2.5 cm and 7 cm. The thicker a sleeping pad is, the better insulation and comfort it provides.

Double sleeping pad – extra comfort

Do you want a spacious sleeping pad? Then we have something special for you – the Hannah double sleeping pad, which can be also used as a big mattress. It’s true it’s a bit heavier, but it also provides great comfort. And if you go camping by car, the weight shouldn’t be a problem.

Self-inflating pads are great when you stay at one place for a longer time and when you travel there by car. They are also great for summer camps or training camp. Considering how comfortable they are, it’s safe to say it is good value for money.

Even though there is not a universal key to tell you which sleeping pad is best for you, try to answer these 3 basic questions:

  • Where are you planning to use it?
  • How long are you going to sleep on it?
  • How are you going to transport it?

Your decision then depends on the factors which are most important to you – that’s how you can recognize the ideal product.

Choose well and sleep even better!


(Source: Hannah Outdoors Corporate)

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