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Our Story

Welcome to Hannah Outdoor Equipment. My name is George Matcek, CEO of Macek Sport LLC, exclusive distributor of the Hannah brand in North America.  Hannah outdoor equipment came to my attention back in the early part of the 21st Century after having lived in the Czech Republic (Czechoslovakia when I moved there) for a number of years after the Velvet Revolution.   New Czech companies were forming at a non-stop pace and Hannah was one of them.

Freedom changed everything...

Something I noticed about the new Czech companies was their no compromise attitude about what they were doing.   During the 40+ years of communist government few if any good consumer products were available especially in the outdoor equipment and camping segment.  But everything changed in the Fall of 1989 when a fresh air blew across the land of Bohemia and Moravia that smelled of freedom.   As if someone pulled the trigger of a starting pistol new products hit the market made by brand new entrepreneurs.    Hannah was one of them. 

Shortcuts and cheap materials be damned the Czechs demanded the best quality of everything even if they had little money at the time.  It was in this environment of epic product creation that Hannah was built. 

Quality is everything...

Having seen and used many of these new products of every description I was rarely disappointed.  Whether it was a fine Czech rifle, rifle scope or just some everyday food item it was as if the Czech people were allergic to making poor quality products just for a cheap price.

First emphasis on camping...

Speaking of Czech people the girls aren’t bad either.  If you have been there you know what I mean. So in 1997 I married my wife in a little red brick Czech church and came back to the States.  We contacted Hannah with the idea of launching their products in the U.S. market.  It seems they were around Europe by now and even in South America but not in the U.S. of A.  We became the exclusive importer and seller of Hannah Outdoor Equipment with our first emphasis on the camping segment and in particular their extensive line of tents for every need.  Whether it is an expedition to the Arctic or an adventure through the mountains or just a family outing at the lake, Hannah has a tent to fit the need.  All of our products are designed, prototyped and tested at the Hannah office in Pilsen.  Great effort is made to be sure every detail is correct and well thought out in all our products.

The Story of Hannah's Beginning

Imagine the mess when making your own sleeping bag-- At home and in the bathtub.  Down flying everywhere but where it should be.  And there you are—still in your tub.  You may laugh, but this is exactly how our story some quarter of a century ago begins.  Well before the Velvet revolution of 1989, during a time when the Czech market did not have much to offer us outdoor enthusiasts, we began to adapt to such creative workarounds.

This was our reality.  The only way to express ourselves fully in the outdoors meant actually making the things that we could not buy –ourselves.  We needed sleeping bags that would keep us warm and cozy under the nighttime sky, or tents to keep us dry.  Sacrificing fun and adventure due to equipment issues was never an option for us—and this is how our brand Hannah was born.

Demand for our products continuously grew

We felt the need to understand our customers much better. Establishing a direct relationship with our final customer felt like a logical next step and we decided to open our first very own Hannah stores, first in Pilsen and later in Klatovy.

The first country we exported to was Slovenia, and we even made friends with other Czech nationals in Denmark, Sweden and far away Chile, all willing to participate in the expansion of our Czech outdoor brand. In those countries, Hannah started to appear not only in shops but mainly in the hills among hikers, at campsites, or just so in city streets

We began sponsoring various expeditions with renowned Czech alpinists, to peaks such as K2, Manaslu, Evererst, Gerashbrum I and II, Cho Oyu and McKinley. Some of those projects were the first Czech ascents, and we were excited to be part of it. Our tents first made it to the base camps of the eight-thousander expeditions, and later, thanks to joint developments with the alpinists, to the high camps

2002 set another milestone in our history – after intensive development work with a renowned Japanese manufacturer; we created our first collection with our own “Climatic” membrane. In parallel, we were the sole supplier of clothes for the Ski Jumping World Championship in Harrachov.

Our first three-layer (3L) climatic jacket “Mirage” had come out in 2002, and we had continuously developed the product throughout the years. In 2005, we perfected our collection with the jacket “Marvel”, our first 3L jacket on which we used laser cutting and welding technology.

In 2014 we became the exclusive supplier of garments to UCPA, a French association of outdoor sports centers—now Hannah products can be seen under Mont Blanc worn by French mountain guides and skiing instructors.

We export to more than 20 countries worldwide

Our products are being sold in Europe, Asia and America.