Welcome to Hannah Outdoor Equipment

"I care deeply about the connection we share with the outdoors. While traveling throughout the Czech Republic, I visited an Outdoor Concept store, the preferred retailer of Hannah products. I was excited to learn their outdoor gear and apparel is designed for those who pay special attention to the technical aspects. Well designed outdoor gear needs to be reliable, simple and have the outdoor experience in mind. This makes their outdoor gear very practical and had me hooked. As a consumer myself, I strive to give customers the best possible experience that I want for myself when enjoying the outdoors. This is why I believe in the Hannah brand. Hannah Outdoors delivers high quality outdoor gear at a reasonable price. Hannah is an amazing brand and a great opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts in America! We stand behind our brand 100%."

- Brandon, Owner of Hannah Outdoor Equipment, USA.

How It All Began...


We have asked Hana, the brand’s co-founder, to tell you a bit of how it all began: 

"In the 1980s, we all were enthusiasts in climbing who could not imagine weekends spent elsewhere than in the rocks. Climbing, sandstone towers and friends – that was our world. We were linked together by our love for nature and by the thirst for fulfilling our climbing dreams. To achieve that, we also needed first-class equipment that could not be obtained in our country then. There was only one solution available: to produce everything we needed somehow ourselves. I was sewing down sleeping bags, jackets and “bonekan” (very heavy, knitted cloth) jackets for my friends. At that time, I was not the only one who tried to catch up through one’s own production with what was not available then in the outdoor shops. Every climbing team had someone who produced something – backpacks, climbing lanyards or even climbing belay gears. The amateur beginnings had sort of an appeal for us. We shared our success and failures together with our friends and supported each other on our way to our goals in sports. They were the solid foundations for trying to continue as professionals. Even if we didn’t know what we were getting into, or just for that reason, we decided quickly. In 1991, we founded our company in Pilsen, with my name taken to form the basis of the brand. The HANNAH trademark was born."

- HANA ZACHARIÁŠOVÁ, Co-owner and co-founder of the Hannah trademark