Ranger 200 Blanket Cut Sleeping Bag

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  • 3-4 season sleeping bag with double layer quilted construction, Izotherm siliconized hollow fiber filling
  • Blanket Cut with open hood which is adjustable with one hand
  • Includes: Adjustable internal warming collar, Two way zipper with reinforced cover to prevent zipper from being stuck
  • Designed with: Safeguard against spontaneous unzipping, internal pocket, hanging loops, compression wrapping case
  • Designed and laboratory certified in Europe to meet temperature rating of 12 degrees F
  • Color: Columbia/Anthracite
  • The Hannah Ranger 200 series utilizes Izotherm filling developed to have an extra long ability to insulate in dampness and wet conditions


    Siliconized quick drying 100% polyester hollow fibers with an extra long ability to insulate in dampness and wet conditions. Siliconization of fibers ensures softness, downiness and shape memory. The Izotherm LITE lining of 120 g/m2 is applied in two layers and demonstrates excellent thermo-insulation qualities and high loft values. Once unpacked, fibers quickly fill out the space thanks to their expansibility. The fibers are non-allergenic, do not smell and can be washed.